Global Warming Doesn’t Matter

I don’t really care whether the theory of “Global Warming” is true or not. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, I do care. What I really mean is, whether global warming is really happening does not reflect on my belief that we need to take better care of this planet. I find it frustrating that so much energy is being spent on arguing for or against global warming. That energy would be better spent making this world a better place to live. There I said it and I know I sound like a hippy. I grew up with 3 brothers that spent all of our teenage years telling me I’m hippy so I have learned to deal with it.

Can someone explain to me exactly what the danger is to our future by being a bit more careful with the resources provided to us by this planet? Just what damage are we going to do by making sure that we are not polluting the landscape and killing off entire species? It doesn’t have to be grand gestures. Personally, I just try not to be wasteful and take little steps to be a bit more sustainable. Whether or not global warming is actually happening at this time, doesn’t it just make sense to try and live a more sustainable life?

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