Scared of Bags?

Continuing on the theme of sustainability, is it just me or does it terrify check out staff everywhere when you bring your own bags? One of my attempts to be more green is to bring my reusable bags to the supermarket. I forget about 50% of the time and it does make things easier at the check out. It just seems to confuse and disorientate the cashier when I say those words “I have my own bags.”

I was LMAO watching a Wal-Mart ad on television last night as they displayed happy shoppers and happy staff loading groceries in reusable bags. I want to know where that Wal-Mart is located so I can shop there.

Growing up in the UK loading your own groceries into your own bags was the norm. If you needed a carrier bag it cost you. My Mum brought our bags and she had me trained to group everything together as it came out of the cart. That way she could pack the bags efficiently as they came through the line. It took me a while to let the cashiers pack my groceries when I came to the States. It felt wrong to stand there and let someone else do all the work but when I forgot and started to pack my bags I got the strangest looks.

If this move towards sustainability is to work the supermarket chains need to educate their staff as well as the shoppers. As long as the staff react so badly shoppers are going to be deterred from bringing their bags. First step is for the cashier to give the shopper a chance to use their bags instead of launching straight into their trained routine of grab, scan, bag. Then there needs to either be an allowance to let the shopper pack their bags or train the check out staff how to do it properly. With plastic bags the check out staff got used to throwing 2-3 items in one bag pulling it and starting another. Again Wal-Mart is the worst offender here. I’ve gone home with a ridiculous number of bags for the amount of groceries I bought. With reusable bags you can get a LOT more into each bag. Unloading my car is a lot quicker with properly packed reusable bags!

Living in America

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