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Grief in the Time of Social Media

It’s been three months now since Jon-Marc died. <cliché>I still can’t believe he’s gone.</cliché> I keep waiting to see him tweet, update on Facebook, or pop on to Skype for a chat. The way that social media has connected many of us more tightly than ever before has been both the most wonderful and most [...]

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Every Little Helps … Give Me A Break

While I am extremely jealous of the vast range of goods available at British supermarkets, I do not envy their customer service. Tesco’s current tagline is “Every little helps” but apparently they have not truly applied this to their business practices. If they believe that for the customer every little helps they would understand that [...]

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Growing Up Online

My son is 7 years old and home-schooled using a mixture of unschooling and formal schooling. One skill that has been slow to develop is reading. Leapfrog produces a wonderful wee gadget called the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set that takes refrigerator alphabet magnets to a whole new level. My son received this Leapfrog toy around [...]

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