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Sometimes Government Really Does Work! Even for a Dang Furrigner!

I’ve meant to write this experience down for a while now. As I’ve blogged about several times, I lost my brother in November, 2011. When Jon-Marc received his cancer diagnosis, I started planning a trip to Scotland with Sean to spend Christmas with Jon-Marc and the rest of the family. At the time, both of [...]

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Community Theatre – Is it Waiting for Guffman?

I have been in love with the theatre for as long as I can remember. The first experiences involved Christmas pantomimes every year in the UK. As a youth I was blessed to live close to the Cumbernauld Theatre which is known in the UK for excellence while still being a community effort. As well [...]

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Every Little Helps … Give Me A Break

While I am extremely jealous of the vast range of goods available at British supermarkets, I do not envy their customer service. Tesco’s current tagline is “Every little helps” but apparently they have not truly applied this to their business practices. If they believe that for the customer every little helps they would understand that [...]

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Pantomimes: A Uniquely British Tradition No Longer

As we get ready for our sixth year of Pantomime here in rural Virginia I was asked to write something about my part in bringing this quirky British Christmas tradition to the USA. Here’s what I wrote.
I don’t remember my first pantomime. The early years have bundled together in a single memory of fun nights [...]

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Scared of Bags?

Continuing on the theme of sustainability, is it just me or does it terrify check out staff everywhere when you bring your own bags? One of my attempts to be more green is to bring my reusable bags to the supermarket. I forget about 50% of the time and it does make things easier at [...]

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Global Warming Doesn’t Matter

I don’t really care whether the theory of “Global Warming” is true or not. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, I do care. What I really mean is, whether global warming is really happening does not reflect on my belief that we need to take better care of this planet. I find it frustrating that so [...]

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What “Big Love” Teaches Us About Marriage

When I first heard the concept for the HBO series “Big Love” I thought I was going to hate it. Hearing of a show about polygamous marrige I figured it would play into male fantasies about how a polygamous marriage would be and give the producers an excuse to provide titillating scenes unhindered by the [...]

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Savoring the Moment

I have received a good number of texts, Twitters, emails, and Facebook messages wishing me Happy New Year this evening. I am truly glad that so many people wish me well for the New Year but it’s really a bit premature because the New Year has not yet come.
At this time it is still New [...]

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