Life is Beautiful

A year of saying the right yeses and nos

When I spoke at the memorial service for my brother in November last year I stated my intention to keep climbing mountains in my way for him. (Eulogy for Jon-Marc.) I had to take some time and identify my mountains and how I needed to climb them. Around this time last year, it became clear [...]

Life is Beautiful

Community Theatre – Is it Waiting for Guffman?

I have been in love with the theatre for as long as I can remember. The first experiences involved Christmas pantomimes every year in the UK. As a youth I was blessed to live close to the Cumbernauld Theatre which is known in the UK for excellence while still being a community effort. As well [...]

Life is Beautiful, Living in America

Love actually is all around

One of my favorite movie moments is Hugh Grant’s monologue at the end of “Love Actually.” I think about it at this time of year and every time I am at an airport. In the movie real life scenes from the arrivals gate at Heathrow play out as Hugh delivers these wonderful words.
“Whenever I get [...]

Life is Beautiful