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Every Little Helps … Give Me A Break

While I am extremely jealous of the vast range of goods available at British supermarkets, I do not envy their customer service. Tesco’s current tagline is “Every little helps” but apparently they have not truly applied this to their business practices. If they believe that for the customer every little helps they would understand that [...]

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Love actually is all around

One of my favorite movie moments is Hugh Grant’s monologue at the end of “Love Actually.” I think about it at this time of year and every time I am at an airport. In the movie real life scenes from the arrivals gate at Heathrow play out as Hugh delivers these wonderful words.
“Whenever I get [...]

Life is Beautiful

Stop using “Merry Christmas” as a weapon

I love this time of year, it truly is the most wonderful of time of the year. From the beginning of September until the end of the year is my favorite season. The weather is more conducive to my Scottish blood and all the best holidays happen now. As soon as I feel that first [...]

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